Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rotting Hills

A long time ago I created a website. Its rough and much like this blog doesn't get updated very much. When I created the name "Rotting Hills" the only research I conducted was a Google search. I didn't want to have a home haunt with the same name as anyone else in the haunting community. 

Since then there was a short animated series with the same name. Technically I'm pretty sure I came up with it first, time-wise, but whatever. The reason I bring this up is someone brought this to my attention asking me how I bought the rights to the name and "kudos" on my effort. Yeah I laughed a little about his passive aggressive demeanor. I also answered in what I feel was a very mild and kind response. 

Really not sure where I was going with this rant but down below is a link to my website. ROTTING HILLS....Shea Halloween

 Good day....I SAY GOOD DAY!!!!

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