Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate...

Hope you all have a great holiday. I for one am working the whole weekend. What a treat! That last remark was what some refer to as sarcasm. Well I hope whatever holiday plans you all have in store go well. Enjoy your loved ones even if they annoy you. 

Below is my family Christmas card. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sir Reginald Gumsworth III

Haven't made any headway on the shack lately so I figured I would post some pictures of my Halloween costume. This here is Sir Reginald Gumsworth III, formally "Gummy the Pirate". I wore him around Walt Disney World the last two times we went...during Halloween time. It would be really weird if I just wore him for no reason at all. I fabricated him using odds and ends and an old backpack. This past year I retro fitted him with a top hat, moustache, a monocle, and some snazzy new duds. My moustache however is Photo-shopped. I wish I had such a glorious crumb catcher! Hope you like him.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.....Hippies

For those celebrating Turkey Day, enjoy. 

Rooms for Rent

As well as the shack, the coffins, and lets not forget the shovels, I'm thinking Rotting Hills Cemetery needs a few new residents. I've been sketching several new inhabitants lately. The sketch below is an example of how I want my new zombies to look. I'm going for a more whimsical feel, big head, skinny body, offset by a touch of gore. The plan is to sculpt the head out of foam, really hoping to find some huge chunks otherwise I'll be laminating the thin stuff. For the details like teeth-n-junk I'll be using Apoxie Sculpt, I love that stuff. 

Winter is on and I will be hibernating. What better time to build! Wish me luck!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Shack....Sketchy

Here are a few sketches for the shack. The plan is to have this be the centerpiece. During October I would like to put an undertaker prop inside. Halloween Night the undertaker will be replaced with a human being...of sorts. It will also serve as candy-central. I'm thinking I may have to "slim" the design down a bit, with the storage factor and all. I really would like to have a ton of shovels and several coffins poking out of the ground.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween; scary stuff.

OK well this was probably the scariest Halloween in recorded history. The weather-folk were reporting the possibility of some snow the week prior. We ended up getting a few inches, no biggy. Next "they" were speaking of a possible nor'easter. I wasn't very concerned figured "they" just needed a ratings booster. Turns out "they'' were right on the money. Saturday October 29th my city picked up 21-22'' of the white devil. Also let this be known I really hate that smug little weatherman, I would like to karate chop his face. He gets so excited, annoyingly so.

I only put a few props up, boarded windows, scarecrow, and a zombie in a coffin prior to the white devil falling. Have I mentioned how much I despise winter and snow? The plan was to put a few more items up the day of Halloween. I didn't really feel like digging out my front yard so what was up was up was up. Next year.

Oh yeah the powers that be decided to keep Halloween on Halloween. Smart idea too considering half the sidewalks in the city still were covered in close to two feet of snow, great job city officials keeping those kiddies safe! The best part was the surrounding towns all postponed the holiday till the following week. You should've seen all the cars parked around my house, it was crazy! Forty bucks worth of candy gone in 45 minutes! We plan on visiting our neighboring towns and repaying them.

Wow I sound like a whiny cry-baby. Sorry.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Coffins and Shovels...the sign

I plan on posting some sketches soon but for now this is my inspiration or a product of my inspiration for my Coffins and Shovels display. It's not new, I made it two years ago, I think......

Halloween is a bust.

Well it seems I have been slacking more and more each year when it comes to decorating. This is the point of this bloggy-doo-dad-thing. I figure if I put my plans out there maybe, just maybe I will accomplish them. I remember reading somewhere if you put your plans out for everyone to read you have a higher chance of quitting due to the fact our minds already feel the task has been accomplished....whatever. 

So wish me luck. I realize I'm writing something nobody will read so GOOD LUCK ME!