Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rotting Hills

A long time ago I created a website. Its rough and much like this blog doesn't get updated very much. When I created the name "Rotting Hills" the only research I conducted was a Google search. I didn't want to have a home haunt with the same name as anyone else in the haunting community. 

Since then there was a short animated series with the same name. Technically I'm pretty sure I came up with it first, time-wise, but whatever. The reason I bring this up is someone brought this to my attention asking me how I bought the rights to the name and "kudos" on my effort. Yeah I laughed a little about his passive aggressive demeanor. I also answered in what I feel was a very mild and kind response. 

Really not sure where I was going with this rant but down below is a link to my website. ROTTING HILLS....Shea Halloween

 Good day....I SAY GOOD DAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zombie Heads...also some hands

These are new castings from and old mold or mould, depends on where you live. Anyway I sculpted this fella many years ago. I call him Kevin because he reminds me of Kevin Bacon.....mmmmmmbacon. He was actually inspired from the amazing works of Mike Mignola. Kevin has been part of my yard haunting's for some time now. I just figured I'd try putting him out there and see if anyone wanted to purchase him. What do you know I actually sold a few. Now I have money for more supplies! Happy day!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Mask

So I've posted this fella on a few sites. Actually sold a few too. This is new to me. I normally give them away as gifts but I figured I needed to make some cash for supplies.

He's sculpted on an old life cast of me. I used an oil based clay, that's a good thing too considering I was whittling this crusty jerk for at least two years. I moulded him and he was cast with a mask latex. I still haven't painted him. It's possible I may have some form or another of ADD or more than likely I'm just what the professionals categorize as "lazy". The jaw is separate from the head and I fashioned a harness out of a rubber waistband material. Keep it simple.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Space Zombie

I have to say that I suck at this blog thing.....bad.

Anyway I'm about to start on a build. I found this light fixture in the trash a while back. It's a pretty good size. I want to create a space zombie because let's face it it's a brilliant idea. I mean a UFO? Pure gold!