Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween; scary stuff.

OK well this was probably the scariest Halloween in recorded history. The weather-folk were reporting the possibility of some snow the week prior. We ended up getting a few inches, no biggy. Next "they" were speaking of a possible nor'easter. I wasn't very concerned figured "they" just needed a ratings booster. Turns out "they'' were right on the money. Saturday October 29th my city picked up 21-22'' of the white devil. Also let this be known I really hate that smug little weatherman, I would like to karate chop his face. He gets so excited, annoyingly so.

I only put a few props up, boarded windows, scarecrow, and a zombie in a coffin prior to the white devil falling. Have I mentioned how much I despise winter and snow? The plan was to put a few more items up the day of Halloween. I didn't really feel like digging out my front yard so what was up was up was up. Next year.

Oh yeah the powers that be decided to keep Halloween on Halloween. Smart idea too considering half the sidewalks in the city still were covered in close to two feet of snow, great job city officials keeping those kiddies safe! The best part was the surrounding towns all postponed the holiday till the following week. You should've seen all the cars parked around my house, it was crazy! Forty bucks worth of candy gone in 45 minutes! We plan on visiting our neighboring towns and repaying them.

Wow I sound like a whiny cry-baby. Sorry.



  1. LOL! Merry Chris.... that made my day. Hope you survived Halloween, snow and all!

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures!


  2. Thanks, glad you liked it. We did survive both. Ugh..

    Hoping for better next year!

  3. I'm right with you on the white stuff! Dastardly concoction....vile, icy devils dandruff. I lived it as sympathies!

  4. Creep Factory I couldn't have said it any better myself. You sir created poetry!